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Stained Glass

Stained Glass has been around for centuries with many famous examples in churches, cathederals and museums.  The Art Decco movement brought us residential windows and lamp shades.

Staned glass panels are made from individually cut and shaped pieces of glass fitted together into a design.   There are two standard techniques, the original method of fitting the glass pieces into lead came and soldering; these panels are suitable for outdoor applications  The more intricate style is the Tiffany method, developed by American artist L. Comfort Tiffany where glass pieces are wrapped in copper foil and soldered together.  Works using this method are not conducive to outdoor installation.

Mosaic panels are somewhat simpler to make because the glass/ceramic/stone pieces do not have to fit together as perfectly.  Pieces are adhered to a hard surface and grouted.  Almost any hard surface can be decorated with mosaics, e.g., walls, benches , planters,etc.